General Information

Bolton Bridge Club Ltd is a company limited by guarantee; the Articles of Association are available for inspection on request. The Club Rules are displayed on the Club Notice Board and may be downloaded here.

Members' personal details are held in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018, detailed in our Privacy Notice which is displayed on the Club Notice Board and may be downloaded here.

Playing Times and Arrangements


Monday Evening Duplicate 7:25pm - 10:30pm: All are welcome but beginners and improving players are encouraged to attend.

Tuesday - Friday Evening Duplicate 7:25pm - 10:30pm: All are welcome but Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be of a higher standard and Wednesdays are more favoured by improving players.

Saturday Evening Duplicate 6:55pm - 10:15pm.

Tuesday and Thursday Afternoon Improvers Duplicate 1:00pm - 4:00pm. All are welcome but assistance is available for improving players.

Who May Play

Full members may play on any evening.

Other members may play on any evening but are restricted to a maximum of 5 duplicate sessions per annum on either a Tuesday or Thursday evening.

Visitors are welcome. Saturdays are open evenings for visitors and members alike. Visitors are restricted to 5 times a year on other evenings - if you wish to play more then please consider joining the club.

Visitors should be signed in by a member or committee member.

Car Parking

There is an enclosed car park at the rear of the premises. When duplicate play commences at 7:30pm (7:00pm on Saturdays) the gates are locked. Late arrivals park behind earlier arrivals, preventing them from leaving, (with their car), until the end of the duplicate session.

Players attending for team games etc who may wish to leave earlier should park at the front or on the road.

The last two parking spaces at the front, between the pavement and the white line are both reserved. One is for the host / hostess and one for anybody who comes to help with tea /coffee. Please do not use these spaces otherwise.

The other parking spaces at the front are reserved for Committee members and people playing matches.

Host / Hostess System

The club operate a host / hostess system where all members take a turn at being the host. The host will attend on their appointed night. If anybody requires a partner they will play but otherwise leave. They are advised to park in the reserved slot at the front of the club in case they are not required. A host is normally available on all evening duplicate sessions.

The rules of the system are:-

  1. It is a condition of membership that all players are included in the host/hostess system.
  2. Any member who cannot make the date allocated must make their own arrangements to change with another member.
  3. Any member who considers he/she should not be included in the system is asked to explain to a committee member who will submit the reasons to the committee. Intention not to use the system is not considered a satisfactory reason to be excluded from the scheme which is seen to be a very valuable service to the whole membership.
  4. The host is allocated a parking place on the front drive, on the right hand side.
  5. The host will be given a free ticket to play by the Director.
  6. A member wishing to use the host system must be in the Club by 7.20pm. After 7.20pm the host is entitled to play with any remaining player. The host should not leave the Club without consulting the Director(s).
  7. Alphabetical lists for the host system are on the club notice board. There will also be monthly lists on the notice board; members are asked to initial this list to indicate that they are aware of their commitment.