The club normally holds 2 sessions, of 10 lessons each, for beginners every year. The second session follows on from the first. The lessons are on Monday evenings from 7:30 pm until 10:00 pm approx. The first session starts in September or October and concludes in December. The second session starts in January and concludes in March. There is a fee (currently £50) for each session. After attending these two sessions most beginners should then feel comfortable to join the Monday evening duplicate sessions which are aimed at improving players. It is also possible to attend either or both sessions again the following year to refresh the memory.

There are usually also some continuation lessons with a single session of 8 lessons. These are aimed at improvers who have completed the beginners sessions. They are sometimes attended by other club members wishing to improve their skills.

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 1:00 pm there are duplicate sessions which are also aimed at improvers and some assistance is available.


The next session of beginners bridge lessons will be given by John Simm. It will comprise 10 lessons starting Monday 8th October 2018 at 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome. Please e-mail symask23@gmail.com to join, or for further information, or enter your name and contact details on the notice board in the Club. You can also ring John Simm directly on 01204 496966 for more information.

Intermediate lessons

The next session of intermediate lessons will be given by John Simm. It will comprise 6 lessons starting Monday 23rd July 2018 at 7:30pm. For more information contact John Simm as above.

Assisted play and instruction

From Thursday 14th June 2018 the Club will be running assisted play bridge with instruction as you play. The sessions start at 7:30pm and are designed to suit players level 2 to 10.